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SPRING BREAK '19!  Desperate for sunshine and warmth, Hannah and I planned a trip to Utah and the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument.  The morning of our departure however the weather looked iffy towards the east, but a patch of high pressure had settled in south of the Bay Area.  So we swapped the Utah Gazetteer for California and headed south.

Making it as far south as Pismo Beach, we slept on (above) the sand, spent 5 days in Big Sur including two nights backpacking and climbing Cone Peak, the highest point in Big Sur (5,155'), which starting from sea level was a fair accomplishment.  We then took Highway 1 all the way to its northern terminus before hopping on the 101 all the way to Florence, Oregon.  A road trip we can check off the bucket list and some epic trails, sunsets, views, and campsites along the way, all plenty to make us forget about $4.20/gal gas and Griffin's collection of a few dozen ticks.   

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